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Black Friday November 23, 2007

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So Black Friday starts tomorrow and it is something that has started to make us wonder here at titanium-buzz.com. Do people really get good quality items on Black Friday? Come on now, how good can a $199 computer really be? As consumers we really believe that you must step back and look at the big picture. It is almost a day that becomes an event after the real event. We take a day and give thanks and the next day we go out and shop with millions of other people looking for the cheapest things we can get our hands on.  With that being said, we hope consumers will turn the corner and get back to the basics! Try to get the items that people actually want and have significant meaning.  We strive to bring the best quality items to the table and try to be different from the next on-line store. Hopefully this will not go by the wayside and people will really find the gifts that will last a lifetime. Well we will see how black this Friday is and we will see everyone come Monday when people go back to work and do some on-line shopping! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and just think in a few hours the doors will open up for Black Friday.


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